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The Aeolian Ring

The ring is entirely made by hand, the profile between the lava and the metal is irregular, for this reason the purchased ring is not the same as the published photo, whenever the fusion is made the metal wraps the lava in a different way.

Availability varies from a week to a month, based on the requests to be processed.

Processing technique

This exclusive jewellery manufacturing process exploits the difference between lava and gold melting points, as gold fuses at 1.000 degrees while lava at around 1.300 degrees Celsius.  Read more

History as it was born

Dostoevsky claimed that beauty will save the world, and probably he meant beauty in all its hints and shades, just like the idea of world embraced both the idea of man as individual and the idea of man as the one who’s born from two people. Read more

 Spot on Youtube

 Volcanoes Ring - Full Video Spot

The Aeolian Ring

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